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Take a walk on our secluded, private beach and swim in the ocean. Enjoy some zen time with a guided Meditation session or stretch out with a Yoga class. Take a stroll under the moonlight up to the Mussel Inn to enjoy a night of craft beer and live music.


Beach Walks & Swimming

Your own secluded beach is just a 50-metre walk from Sunrise Apartment.  You can go swimming or snorkelling, find beautiful shells and stones, and occasionally spot seals. There are also nice beach walks you can do in either direction depending on the tides. Be sure to catch the sunrise over the ocean in the morning.

Meditation & Yoga

Situated on the nearby, is a meditation hall that looks over the ocean. Guests of Sunrise Apartment are welcome to use this space and attend the classes. Guided Meditation is every morning at 8.30am and is free of charge.Yoga Classes are every morning at 9.15am, payment by donation. Be sure to ask us about this when you arrive.

The Mussel Inn, Music Nights!

Located 100m from the end of the driveway. They serve fresh, wholesome food in a very relaxed environment.  A large range of Beers, Ales and cider brewed on site in their microbrewery. Rustic atmosphere with regular live music and poetry. Famous for fresh steamed mussels and thick mussel chowder. The Mussel Inn is a 1.5km walk from Sunrise Apartment and is a great excuse to get some light exercise and experience a stroll under the stars and moonlight.

Address: 1259 Takaka-Collingwood Highway, Onekaka

Contact Number: (03) 525 9241